Pizza Place Name

La Cava's

La Cava's is located at:
3504 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ


Pizza Tour Review

Year Rank Avg Price
2017 11 3.0 / 5 $3.00
2016 20 1.3 / 5 $2.75
2015 19 0.8 / 5 $2.75
2014 20 1.0 / 5 $2.75
2013 20 1.5 / 5 $2.75
2012 14 2.3 / 5 $2.18

User Reviews of La Cava's

Review by Robert Grandinetti

La Cava ' s is one of my favorite places on the boardwalk. The food is always good and the service is great.
Review by Christopher Kilian

This place served me spoiled Lemonade on Saturday, August 13th. They got me sick and I was attending my nieces wedding at the time. They take no pride in the cleanliness or preparation of their Food & Beverage. In fact they are openly deceitful. They display fresh lemons behind a Plexiglas cube that looks like a museum piece. These are the lemons that tourists THINK they are getting. Instead, they prepare in advance a SLURLY of Lemonade mix, that gets mixes with water when a customer orders. How long that Slurly sits there, and what's in that Slurly is anyone's guess. If I lived closer to this deceitful place, this place would eventually go out of business. You can't assault my body like that, and expect me to remain silent. They are profiteers that don't care if they poison their customers. I don't mind that a business charges me more than a price than i would expect to pay for a luxury service. In fact I enjoy it. I want to give you my money, and for you to treat me to something special that I don't often get to experience. It is your responsibility as a business to provide that experience if you are going to accept my money. Getting Food Poisoning is not one of the experiences that I think qualifies as one of the special things that I don't often get to experience. The workers here would not take my complaint seriously, and proceeded to pour yogurt over my head when I took the poisonous Slury sitting on the counter, and pushed it to the ground because it was not fit for human consumption. This place is the Epiphany of "TOURIST TRAP". They want to charge super high prices as if they really were providing a luxury service, and serve suspect garbage instead. On top of it, they assault their customers when they bring the fact to their attention that their preparation techniques are dangerous, and can get people sick. I will do EVERYTHING I can to make sure this place gets as much negative PR from this incident as possible. Oh, I am the customer that is a below elbow amputee with his stump in a sling because of a broken shoulder when assaulted by your employees If you wish to respond to me via Post Office mail, my address is: [address removed by website - available upon request] Perhaps the owner is more level headed than their employees and can tell me why the Lemonade was prepared in such a potentially dangerous manner, and why a deceitful display of lemons, that do not get prepared is displayed on the counter, which is illegal where I'm from.