Pizza Place Name

Snow White

Snow White is located at:
Lincoln Ave & Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ


Pizza Tour Review

Year Rank Avg Price
2017 21 0.9 / 5 $2.70
2016 23 0.1 / 5 $2.45
2015 23 0.7 / 5 $2.67
2014 23 0.2 / 5 $2.45
2013 23 0.2 / 5 $2.45
2012 25 1.1 / 5 $1.62
2011 20 1.4 / 5 $1.75
2010 23 0.2 / 5 $1.62
2009 23 0.3 / 5 $1.62
2006 19 0.0 / 5 $1.65

User Reviews of Snow White

Review by Mark

Negative 3 stars.... This place is by far the worst place we've ever eaten. They served my children raw, undercooked chicken fingers, the fried chicken tasted like it was left in the sun for a week, the sprite was just soda water, and the staff was rude. When we asked for the manager, a guy wearing a black shirt (different from the rest of the staff) said no refunds, ever. So we asked for the manager or owner. We were told there wasn't one on property, that the place just runs itself. I cannot stress this enough..... DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!!!!!
Review by Meghan

Worst place in Wildwood. The soda was watered down the fish was clearly frozen the hotdog was terrible its overpriced and the cashier was a jerk and forgot to give me change when I asked for it he said "I don't forget to give change" he clearly did and said I can come back tomorrow to check the cameras which was a b.s excuse. They also did not give a cup to a pregnant women without charging. Terrible place. If you're hungry eat a gas station sandwich.
Review by Norm

5 Stars - A wonderful Wildwood tradition that should never change. My wife went into labor in the 3rd booth on the left, which is apropos as the child was conceived in the 4th booth on the left.
Review by Sam

Not the best food in the world, but more than affordable. I've eaten their burgers, pizza, and chicken without issue. If you're looking for fine cuisine, you won't find it here, but if you're looking for a quick bite at affordable prices, this is the place to go.
Review by Victory

The worst place ever!!! It seems like their food was cooked like a year ago.... never!!! never!! never even try to go there