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Franconi's Pizza

Franconi's Pizza in Wildwood, New Jersey
Franconi's Pizza is located at:
3318 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ


Pizza Tour Review

Year Rank Avg Price
2016 2 4.1 / 5 $2.00
2015 1 4.3 / 5 $2.00
2014 3 3.7 / 5 $2.00
2013 1 4.6 / 5 $2.00
2012 2 3.9 / 5 $2.00
2011 2 3.8 / 5 $2.25
2010 1 4.0 / 5 $2.00
2009 13 2.5 / 5 $2.13
2006 10 2.3 / 5 $1.89

Pizza Tour Winner

Best Value Slice

Best Value Slice

Pizza Tour Winner

Best Value Slice

Pizza Tour Winner

Best Value Slice

Biography and Review

Biography and Review: 

Since opening their doors at Oak and the Boardwalk in 2006, Franconi's Pizza has been serving pizza, sandwiches, salads and more to hungry boardwalk goers. Their prime location across from Mariner's Landing and the famous Wildwood ferris wheel make them a convenient choice for a slice or two on the boardwalk. In addition to their dining room and counter service, Franconi’s offers delivery to the Wildwood area.
Whether you grab a stool at the front counter or a booth in the dining room, you will sink you teeth into wonderfully flavorful, well-balanced and satisfying slice of pizza -- On the Wildwood Pizza Tour, Franconi's is consistently competing for the Best Slice and Best Value Slice in Wildwood — they have won each award multiple times. Their slices are among the largest on the boardwalk.

User Reviews of Franconi's Pizza

Review by Tina

The woman that works the front is know as the nastiest lady on the boardwalk by all the kids. She is miserable and we and many others won't go there because of her bad attitude.
Review by Brian

Wouldnt honor their 15 percent off coupon because I charged my credit card in advance. Was walk up customer. Could have offered a soda or a pizza topping to make us satified!
Review by John

Absolutely DELICIOUS. I'm a MACKS Customer, and wanted to try something different, so we tried Franconis and Loved it! I'd definitely give it a tie for 1st place on the Boardwalk.
Review by Kathleen

3 Stars. Food is very good, if you can ignore all of the ants crawling all over the dining room tables (especially those next to the windows)!
Review by Chuck

By far the best pizza on wildwood boardwalk. Live and work on wildwood boards and know most pizza is stale and left out too long.